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All Family members are welcome.

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The April 27, 2015 Decision by the City of Guelph regarding the Schlegel Villages Application does not permit a Medical Clinic or Medical Office within the Long Term Care Facility at Riverside Glen.  This means that the existing “Wellness Centre” should be dedicated exclusively to residents of the Village of Riverside Glen.  No members of the general public should be using any services provided by the “Wellness Centre”, this would be a violation of the City of Guelph zoning by-law and should be reported to the City of Guelph immediately if this occurs. Click the link to view the new zoning By-law RSG rezoning by-law (2015)-19897 Article in Guelph Mercury http://www.guelphmercury.com/news-story/5557729-planning-saga-almost-over-for-riverside-glen/

How does Riverside Glen compare to other long term care homes… click on the link below

MOHLTC inspections comparison of local Homes 2011-2014 (as of December 2014)


Please see the pictures below. 11:45 am on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 …. The “Living Classrooms”(70+ students) and The “Health Centre” (with one doctor) are open. 245 cars are parked at Riverside Glen…..no more room for visitors or staff The City of Guelph Planning staff report says 109 parking spaces will meet the requirements for all of the uses at this home, including a second doctor & classrooms with space for over 200 students ……. What do you think?

The following is a list of improvements that have been implemented as a result of the advocacy of the members of the Riverside Glen Long Term Care Family Council, during the past year.

Family Council Achievements 2014

-lost laundry cart relocated into foyer for resident and family member access

-relocation of outside group from 2nd floor LTC hobby room to Retirement home

-bulletin board and locked message/suggestion box for Family Council

-Long Term Care Resident Handbook now given to all new residents and family members and available upon request

-decreased use of staff from Agencies

-input into new Family member satisfaction survey

-input into new Family Council brochure -working with the city of Guelph regarding the zoning and official plan amendments proposed by Schlegel Villages Inc

-introduction of “butt stops” for those who smoke outside

-arranged entertainment for residents by “the Overtones” and “the Baker’s Dozen”

-implementation of regular washing of divider curtains in semi-private rooms

-implementation of 6 week post-admission and annual care conferences

-All Christmas Market vendors located in retirement home, so strangers were no longer walking through resident areas of the long term care home

-relocation of Dr. Spadafora’s practice from our loved ones’ home and to another location in the city

We would like to acknowledge the support of our care partners:

Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

The Office of the Ontario Ombudsman

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

The Waterloo-Wellington LHIN

The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

The Residents’ Council of Riverside Glen Long Term Care Home

The Staff of the Village of Riverside Glen Long Term Care Home


CKCO News has produced a four part series on Long Term Care Homes in the region called          “Who Cares?” Click on the link below to take you to the Who Cares series. http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/investigates/ctv-investigates-who-cares-1.2097756

Below is document that many people have requested, it is the “plain language” version of the Long Term Care Homes Act 2007 and Regulation 79/10. This guide is a must read for anyone who is a resident or has a loved-one who is a resident of a long term care home. Guide to the Long Term Care Homes act 2007  


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This website is run by the Family Council at The Village of Riverside Glen Long Term Care Home in order to provide a place where information and ideas can be shared. There is a lot to learn when your loved one moves to their new home at The Village of Riverside Glen and we want to make it easier to find the information you are looking for.

Meetings:   6:30 – 8:00 pm, the last Thursday of each month, in the Long Term Care Physio Room