Coming to visit a friend or family member?  Here is some handy information.

Visiting Hours

There are no official visiting hours and visitors are encouraged to come as often as they can.


To get to the main parking area for the Long Term Care Home stay on the right side of the entrance way as you enter off of Woodlawn Road.

RSG entrance        sign         Sat, Aug 31

When you get to the stop sign, turn left and continue straight towards the building entrance.

LTC entrance Health centre signs

The parking area is in two sections and you may only park in spaces signed “Visitor Parking Only”.  Several spaces are reserved for residents of the retirement home.  If you have a “Disabled Parking Permit:” there are two spaces close to the entrance of the long term care home and two other spaces close to the rear retirement home entrance.

Middle LTC parking lot full    sept 4  4 pm

When there is no parking in this lot you must use the parking lot at the rear of the buildings.                           Rear parking lot overfull Thur Sept 5 202pm


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